Labyrinth Park and Boqueria Market Experience

I will tell you a little secret…. do you want to discover a real labyrinth in Barcelona?

The Horta’s Park is a historical garden with a Labyrinth , the oldest of its kind in Barcelona that comprises 18th-century neoclassical gardens and 19th-century romantic gardens. With more than 20 resources of water. Designed in 1791 by a italian architect and french gardener for the marquis of Desvalls. At the end of the 19th century, the Desvalls estate became the venue of social and cultural events including open-air theatre performances. In the 20th century the park  opened to the visitors.

An undiscovered treasure!! Let’s discover the Statue of Eros in the middle of the labyrinth!!

Later we’ll go to explore the amazing Boqueria Market located in the city center next to the famous street “La Rambla”. Smell and colors stalls with vegetables, fruits, sweets, the best in town! Founded in 1853 has a large and very diverse selection of goods. An unique experience for the eyes and the taste!!


  • Duration of tour: 3-4 h
  • This tour is available from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Labyrinth Park entrance fee 3€, except on Wednesdays. Children free under 5 years
  • We will use the metro to move around.

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